I am urgently looking for a babysitter in Istanbul What will you do if your current childminder suddenly stops working? It will be very stressful for you, and difficult for the child if he or she has already got used to the childminder. If the childminder does not come back, you can provide a fast and safe babysitter by calling us. If you need a foreign boarding child carer in Istanbul, please call us.

Childminder consultancy company in Istanbul.

On the European and Anatolian sides of Istanbul, we provide babysitting services for those who want to take a child carer. The best babysitter and childminder candidates for the Istanbul region. You can get the appropriate staff by choosing us for the English-speaking, Arabic-speaking, Russian-speaking, Turkish-speaking, French-speaking child carers. A childminder who works as a boarder and speaks a foreign language would also have a positive impact on the children’s ability to learn and develop a foreign language. We will send you videos from hundreds of childminders which are registered as a babysitter candidates. We provide the opportunity to meet with the candidates you like. You can choose us for the contracted professional referenced childminders.

Babysitter and nanny consulting firm phone; +90 544 311 55 50 You can call for information about the babysitter, you can write on whatsapp. Babysitter and nanny counseling agency phone in Turkey.

How much does a childminder cost in Istanbul?

I am urgently looking for a babysitter in Istanbul

We will give you an information about the average childminder prices in Istanbul. The cost of a Filipino childminder in Istanbul is about $9,000 to $1,300 per month. For those who are looking for the Filipino carers in Istanbul with day and boarding options, it is the opportunity to meet with suitable candidates. The prices of African childminders in Istanbul are between $ 750 and $ 850. African babysitters speak English. Some of them can also speak Arabic. The prices of Turkmen – Uzbek babysitters speaking Turkish in Istanbul are between 14.000 ₺ and 16.000 ₺. Childminders in Istanbul use one day off a week (24 hours) and their leave fees are between 100 ₺ and 150 ₺.

A live-in childminder agency in Istanbul; The childminders can take care of children of different ages together, they can also provide pick-up and drop-off services if the school is close by and take them to school in the morning. You can meet educated and cultured carers who can do all the work in the contract with great care and by inviting them to your home, you can provide the opportunity to work together. We work with the most suitable candidates for people who are looking for a childminder in Istanbul.

Childminder in Istanbul

You can call us for the services of Filipino, Nepali, Indonesian, African, Ethiopian, Ugandan, Turkmen, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian, Georgian, Armenian childminders who can speak English. Contact us if you are looking for a safe legal company in Istanbul that can provide experienced childminders with a safe legal company that is officially authorised to provide babysitting in Istanbul. If you are looking for an Uzbek babysitter company in Istanbul, contact us to work with Uzbek babysitters and we will offer you the best services. If you are looking for a Turkmen carer company in Istanbul, and you want to work with carers from Turkmenistan, we will provide you with referenced and experienced staff.

Filipino childminder in Istanbul By calling us you can find the most suitable Filipino childminder and Filipino babysitter for your children or babies. A company that provides an English-speaking babysitters in Istanbul, if you want to get the child and baby carers to know English Russian like their native language, you can find the best babysitters by contacting us. To provide Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian-speaking foreign boarding child carers, you can choose to contact with ELY Consultancy, which serves for you with referasnli – experienced nanny and carer candidates.

I’m looking for a babysitter

Babysitter and nanny prices Istanbul

By working with babysitters who can take care of your babies in the best way, you can get the best services by working with Turkish or English-speaking babysitters who have previously babysat or have been trained in the field of babysitting. You can get the most suitable nanny or babysitter candidates by calling our company if you want to work with referenced boarding babysitters who have previously cared for babies, knowing how to hold, feed and care for babies, which requires great experience in babysitting.

I’m looking for a childminder

If you want to work with experienced childminders with references who can take care of your children when you go to work, or take your children to school, clean and cook in other free times, and also do the work according to the agreements you will have, you can call us and talk to our most suitable candidates. If you are looking for a childminder just to look after your child, we especially know that you would prefer carers speaking English. Looking for a childminder to work at home >>

Nanny jobs in turkey for foreigners; You can work with English-speaking childminders If you prefer English-speaking childminders, we offer you Filipino, Nepalese, Indonesian, African babysitters. You can find the best foreign childminder with the features and qualifications you want by calling our company.

I am urgently looking for a babysitter in Istanbul

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