The visa exemption for Russian citizens in Turkey is about 60 days. If  Russian citizens want to stay in Turkey more longer than the visa exemption period, they have to apply for a residence permit.

rezidance permit, work perrmit

After the visa exemption period expires, it is not possible to obtain a residence permit, in other words, a residence permit.However, they can go back to their own country and after 180 days left, they will be able to apply for a residence permit again. As a residence permitcompany, we carry out of all transactions for Russian citizens coming to Turkey. As a consultingcompany, we provide consultingservices to Russian citizens of all issuesthey are needing in Turkey. The residence permitprice  for Russian citizens is according to the applicationtype and the applicationperiod. You can call us for more detailed information. As a consultancyfirm, if Russian citizens want to obtain a residence permit (residence permit), we complete all of the documentscompletely and obtaintheir residence permits.If citizens of the Russian Federation want to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, the first requirement is to have a valid travel document or passport. Russian citizens can visit Turkey without any visa. If for anyreasontheywant to stay in Turkey more longer than the visa period, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit. You can call us to get the mostdetailed information about the residence permitapplication and also to make your residence permitapplicationprocesseasily.

The Work Permit for Citizens of Russia

Residence permit for Russian citizens in Turkey

When Russian citizens coming to Turkey and they want to obtain a work permit the first thing they have  to do is to get a residence permit. Russian citizens entering Turkey cannot apply for a work permit without a residence permit less than 6 months.However, they can apply for a work permit without entering Turkey while they are still in their country.In addition, if Russian citizens want to get a work permit, they can get a work permit depending on their  workplace. The conditions for obtaining a work permit are not the same as for residence permit. The documents to be prepared and the procedures to be done here are different.

In order to obtain a work permit, first of all you must have an agreement with a workplace and a work permit is issued by concluding an employment contract from  this place of work. In addition, we also carry out the procedures for opening a company for Russian citizens which have  come to Turkey. As a consultancy firm for Russian citizens, we provide services in many different areas such as obtaining a residence permit (residence permit), obtaining a working permit , establishing and opening a company, opening a bank account and etc. We are ready to help you with all your questions as soon as possible, we are waiting for you in our office.

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Residence permit for Russian citizens in Turkey

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