English speaking caretaker

Boarding Foreign Carer; When you want to employ foreign personnel, the first thing you should pay attention to is whether the person is official in Turkey. Foreign personnel must first have a residence permit, that is, a work permit when they are employed by you. You can contact us when you want to get information about legal procedures to meet all your needs in hiring foreign personnel. As a company, we provide you with reference personnel.

Can I hire a caregiver from another country? How much income do you need to sponsor a caregiver? You can make a work permit for the caregiver who will stay at home.

English speaking caretaker

English speaking nanny prices; Indonesian babysitter prices start from $800, Nepali caregiver prices start from $900, Filipino babysitter prices start from $1,000. What is a fair price for a nanny? What is fair pay for a nanny? For a professional nanny you need to pay at least $1000.

How do I find an international nanny?

Can I hire International nanny? How do I employ a nanny overseas? We find the nanny with the features you want. Professional nannies for child and baby care. We serve you with the most suitable nannies. I’m looking for a boarding maid; Foreign language-speaking maids for the villa, boarding maids to work at home. We are providing a foreign female employee or a foreign female employee who will help you with housework. It is very important to find a reliable and well-versed staff member when you want to employ a foreign female staff member in your home, whether it is a boarding or a daytime job.

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